Monday, July 19, 2010

New stuff!!!

this is a 'just because i had to play with some new goodies' LO. i just love the new BG tabs and ribbon doiles in the Olivia range. And the Bo Bunny journal pages. I got them all from Annas with my voucher (and a little more,LOL!). This is Hannahs 'dirty' pillow that she has carted everywhere with her since she was 1 (now 3 1/4) and she has never let it have a pillow case on it. She will sleep anywhere as long as she has that pillow! Well it got a big hole in it so we convinced her to pick out some material and to get nana to make it a cover. So now that it has the cover she still likes it but doesnt have to take it everywhere! I wonder if it will be the end for 'the' pillow? i had to scrap it as its been a big part of Hannah and her sleep!!!!

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  1. Great story,the ribbon doily look beautiful,lovely LO Belinda.