Thursday, August 12, 2010


I soooooooo dont do purple so i struggled to find stuff for this LO! NO other colour would go with those purple hands,LOL!! this LO is for Scrap the girls . I did this Lo because every tuesday and thursday when Lucy is at kindy and ROry goes to sleep i ask Hannah what would she like to do. And the answer is ALWAYS the same "I want to paint!". She paints with a paintbrush on paper for a little bit which progresses to her hands and yes, always ends up looking like this!!! But she loves it and it washes off!!!!!

Its currently raining and i dare not complain as we really need it over here in the west!

thanks for stopping by


  1. Glad to hear it is raining over your way, the winds are up over here, 70m/hr and really cold, rain definately gone, I would struggle with purple but you have totally rocked it here, how cute are those gorgeous little purple hands, this is just divine, you are an awesome scrapper. Love Mel and hope that rain keeps up for you. xxx

  2. Purple is not usually my friend either, but you have done a great job! LOVE that pic of DD (we are just starting to get into painting here too). Enjoy your rain! XXX

  3. Oh Belinda i so understand about the paint and littlies! they just LOVE it!! Lockie & Ash are getting into flicking paint on paper, but as you guess it ends up everywhere!! Thank god for washable! lol I so love what you have done with the purple! your layout design is gorgouse!