Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nearly a month has passed...

And i havent uploaded anything!!! MAinly because i havent done a lot of LO's (but i will add 2 shortly) but have done some OTP's. I already have my own set of kaiser draws and then i bought a set to make one for the girls to share. And then 1 won another set so they got one each. Normally they both want pink but to my horror Lucy only wanted PURPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO i did my best but admit i prefer the pink ones!!! I have used MME FIne and Dandy 6x6 pad and chipboard stickers. Along with my nestabilities my most AWESOME SIL bought me, they were the exact ones i had been eyeing of!!

And these for Hannah

Have also made therir advent calendar so will take pics and try to remember to upload.
Thanks for stopping by

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  1. Man, your SIL MUST be awesome!! Oh wait, that's me..... ;). Heehee. So glad I got the ones you wanted - and those drawers look FANTASTIC!!!