Friday, December 10, 2010

Woohoo 3 Lo's!!

Was beginning to think i couldnt rememebr how to scrapbook!! This one was a few days ago and just because... it wouldnt work for what i was trying so i decided to do a just because LO and it went together a lot easier!

this one is for the sketch over at Annas , go check it out and whilst you there check out the sale!!! Its an awesome sale but i have done a little damage,LOL!!

and this one is for over at 123 challenge , just couldnt get it to photograph better! ANd i so wanted to play with tissue paper but all i could find was a small white piece so hopefully it can be seen ok (down the left side of LO and above the photo on right)! Will be giving the tissue paper a go another time though! I really wanted to do it today and being out on the farm.... i jsut had to make do!

thanks for stopping by


  1. Gorgeous layouts as usual Belinda...LOL you could never forget how to do it ;)
    LOL I'll have to send you a 'care package' of tissue paper...hehe I'm drowning in it!!! x

  2. Just love your layouts B, wow isn't it funny when we change our mind thoughts to a "just because" layout it comes together easier....I love it too. Love your stunning 1,2,3, layout too. Yes we are about 1hr 30 mins from Surfers Paradise so February could be awesome to catch up, I know Nate would love to play with your gorgeous kids at the beach. Love to you, and I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas too. Mel and Nate xx