Monday, May 10, 2010

Just because...and OOTH

Well i planned to scrap on saturday and that didnt happen so Mothers Day morning when Steve went to get wood and Rory slept the girls and I did a little scrapping. This is my 'just because' LO of Hannah sporting her new hairdo, i cut 3-4inches of her hair on thursday. Looks good, may no the even but i like it!!!

And this one is for the Out of the Hat Challenge, check it out here.

Had a lovely mothers day with Lucy very proud of herself with her present she made at kindy, she bought it home and hid it and never told me what it was before the day!!! And it was an orange with cloves pressed into it!!! Got some choocies and a lantern to put a candle in, need it with the rate the power goes out here!!! Hope all the other mums out there had a great day!!! Best present of all was the 3 kids all sleeping through the night!! Thats a rarity.

thanks for stopping by


  1. Oh how sweet does she look?? Love both these LO's!

    Fran xx

  2. Loving all the red pps Belinda, must be wonderful to have two sisters, can see you in the eyes.