Monday, May 31, 2010

My little man...

turned 1 last thursday!!! yes already!!! so here is his card

I took 100 plus phots trying to get him just standing!! got some cute pics in the process. Will have to work out how to get rid of his red eyes before i print this one.
and with his train cake!!!
he is now walking around everywhere!!!
thanks for stopping by


  1. Wonderful Belinda, and WOW, that is a cake.

  2. My time flies, Rory is one and his card looks great just like that yummy cake. Yay! he is walking and doesn't he look pleased with him self, now he'll have fun with the girls.

  3. Oh my goodness B, I just got my Scrapbooking Memories mag yesterday and saw your Rory layout in their and could not believe just how big he has grown, wow what a gorgeous little man, I am so amazed at how time goes so fast, someone told me it's as you get older time seems to go much faster, wow I say to Nate please stop growing and he says "No me grow big" and I laugh but also cringe as my baby is so much a little man in the making now. Love to you and your gorgeous family. Melxx

  4. WOW just look at that cake.....amazing how he is growing up....